Comfort Insoles

Two Neutral Balanced Insoles
Intended for every day comfort.
Made from Poron®.


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Just looking for comfort for both feet, ankles, knee, hips, spine. Also used for the unaffected side in conjunction with a wedged insole on the opposite side so as to balance the elevation of the insoles.

The material used for the Neutral Balanced is Poron® a proprietary micro-cellular urethane produced by the Rogers Corporation. Although developed for machinery gaskets, it is the finest material for shoe insoles. It is compressible and has excellent material memory to return to original shape after compression. It will retain its shape and effectiveness up to one year with constant wear under customary use.

Comfort Insoles


Dr. Lanny L Johnson, internationally-recognized orthopedic surgeon, presents a variety of insoles which offer an optimized combination of cushioning and value, made of highly supportive and robust material. These versatile inserts can be worn in slim or tight-fitting footwear such as dress shoes, while offering extra cushioning for walking, running, or just remaining on your feet for hours at a time.


Best Shoe Insoles

These cushioning insoles are made of the best material for shoe inserts: 100% Poron® foam. It’s a durable, high-performance foam base that outperforms materials such as sponge rubber, latex foam, and neoprene sponge for shock absorption. Poron® is also moisture-wicking, keeping your feet in good hygiene throughout your work day or workout. The material is commonly used in custom orthotic insoles, prosthetic padding, custom prefabricated orthotics, and other biomechanical supports. It is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association and has received USP Class VI Certification.


Using the Most Comfortable Insoles

Whether you suffer plantar fasciitis, shin splints, or miscellaneous foot pain, you can use these support insoles to relieve pain. Unlike our other insoles, these are adapted to offer broad support for general foot and leg maladies. The enclosed patterns can be used to easily trim your two insoles to fit your exact foot size and anatomy. All you need is a pair of household scissors. Whether you have flat feet or high arches, you can remove insoles from your shoes and insert these in any pair of shoes for relief from heel to forefoot. Athletes, servers, nurses, warehouse workers, and the elderly can all benefit from regular use of these insoles. Greater foot comfort is available to you today!

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