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Why These Insoles? Dr. Johnson created these insoles to meet his own need.

“Physician treat thyself”.

Like most surgeons, he would do anything to avoid surgery. In 1996 he had a freak injury to both knees with a single golf swing out of the deep rough. He tore both cartilages and sheared off the gliding cartilage of both femoral condyles. Surgery removed both cushion cartilages and 100’s of loose bodies. In time he would be facing more surgery, even a total knee replacement. The alternative was for him to investigate a non-operative treatment. Studies at Scripps in San Diego showed the potential for wedged insoles to reduce the loads across the knee joint with walking.

After some 24 years of wearing wedged insoles, he has had no further treatment aside from daily use of pill of protocatechuic acid.

He has medial compartment arthritis and bowed legs as a result of loss of the cartilage. He has full range of motion and no swelling. He remains active, but would not choose to run. He finds stair climbing uncomfortable. If on his feet continually for 8-10 hours when he was teaching putting on PGA tour he took an NSAID. He works out on stationary bicycle and does quadriceps exercises.

Along the way he learned about Poron(TM) as the best insole for comfort for regular wear. He has made his findings and self- help products available on this web site is here should others want to seek comfort for their feet or knees. Using these insoles may either delay or avoid total knee replacement surgery. It is interesting that up to 25% of patients are not satisfied with the outcomes of total knee surgery.

He is aware of the controversy concerning wedged insoles. Those reporting unsatisfactory results have overlooked the critical factors necessary for success. Dr. Johnson has resolved this for potential users with a simple self-administered test so one learns if they are a candidate.

We created our wedged insoles because arthritis is hard on the knees, especially ones that have had an injury. Therefore, finding a non-operative means of unloading the knee joint for activities of daily living is of great interest. Independent testing shows that these cushioned wedged insoles are effective in reducing the forces across the medial and / or lateral compartments of the knee joint; See if they will benefit you.

Scientific Study Golfer's Knee Stresses

Arthritis is hard on the knees, especially ones that have had injury.

Use of Wedged Insoles in Treatment of Knee Arthritis

A reduction of forces across a joint or portion of a synovial joint having an Outerbridge IV condition will result in the regrowth of cartilage tissue in the previously damaged area.

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