Regular Use Wedged Insoles For Both Knees (2-Pack)

Two 2.5 Degree Wedged Cushioned Insoles


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Wedged insoles, for either inner or outer single compartment arthritis of the knee. Featuring a gentle 2.5 degree wedge, these shoe inserts are perfect for activities of daily living, such as walking, moderate exercise, housework, and errands.

For heavier use, sports or work, consider our heavy duty insoles, featuring a 5-degree wedge.

**If using the wedged insole on one foot only, then look to purchasing the comfort insoles to balance the resultant height of the opposite shoe. This will help level your pelvis.

The material on the wedged insoles is a polyurethane, molded into the intended wedge. It is a closed cell urethane so it will not absorb fluids; i.e. sweat. It is easily compressible with each step with excellent material memory to immediately return to the original shape. It will retain its shape and effectiveness up to one year with constant wear under customary use.