Custom Fit Orthotics

How much do you know about custom fit orthotics? From where did you get your information? 

‘Orthotics are for old people who need help to keep their posture and alignment.’

‘I don’t need orthotics if I have the right kind of shoe.’

‘Orthotics are for people with chronic foot pain’.

Dr. Lanny’s Insoles is here to challenge your preconceptions about the use of orthotic inserts and similar products. If you agreed with any of the above statements, you may only be seeing part of the bigger picture.

How Much Are Custom Made Orthotics?

Foot support orthotics, worn in shoes, can potentially offer relief to a variety of foot problems. Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, diabetes, arthritis, and more. Custom made orthotics tend to be more expensive than off-the-shelf orthotics sold in drugstores. The price can range from $400 to $600 if you go to a licensed podiatrist. That’s significantly more expensive than the orthotics you can buy in stores, which rarely come to more than $80. What are you paying for with the extra investment? Custom orthotics are generally produced after assessment by a podiatrist or pedorthist with a prescription for foot orthotics. Biomechanical exams incorporating hip measurements and analyses of gait and leg rotation often feature in this assessment. A cast impression is taken, using different methods. Some use plaster or fiberglass, a foam box, or a computerized scan. This mold, and the material that will provide the desired flexibility, are dispatched to a lab for design. The orthotic will then be tested with the patient to see if the fit is correct, and again after a couple of weeks or so. 

These shoe inserts are not sold as a long-term solution, however: they typically have a lifespan of between two and three years. This can, of course, be affected by frequency and intensity of use. A long distance runner who uses her insoles five times a week will of course find them wearing out faster than someone who uses his inserts once a week for golf.

 Are Custom Orthotics Worth the Cost?

Understandably, people are concerned about paying hundreds of dollars for something that may or may not make a difference in their knee, ankle, or heel pain. Between 15 and 20 percent of patients find that custom orthotics do not provide any kind of relief from their condition. They may prefer to roll the dice on prefabricated inserts, hoping that one will provide the right combination of additional cushioning and support for the patient’s unique foot structure. After all, it’s possible to try half a dozen or more different varieties for the same cost as a single custom orthotic set. However, there is an alternative to both of the above options for those suffering from knee pain, or those seeking a more comfortable option.

Prescription Custom Orthotics and Shoe Inserts

Dr. Lanny’s Insoles are an alternative to both the expensive prescription custom orthotics and one-size-fits-all over-the-counter orthotics from stores. If you meet the following conditions then you are a potential candidate for the wedged varieties of Dr. Lanny’s Insoles:

  • Arthritis in the inner side of your knee
  • You can straighten your knee (or nearly straighten it to a 180° angle)
  • You can bend your knee past 90°
  • Your knee, foot and ankle joints have been medically judged to have passive mobility

Independent testing of our insoles has ascertained that our cushioned wedged insoles, when worn under the bottom of the foot, are effective in reducing forces across multiple compartments of the knee joint. They can prevent injuries that might occur in your day-to-day routine, or as a result of your active lifestyle. They can be worn in golf or running shoes, and fit to soles of all sizes. We offer wedged cushioned insoles with a 2.5° tilt, and a heavy-duty variety with a 5° tilt. Our insoles provide the same amount of relief and reliability as custom fit orthotics, while offering the same value as store-bought shoe inserts. Our DIY, home-customizable orthotics allow you to create the solution that is most comfortable for you, while still providing the arch support and flexibility you’d hope for from a premium option.

We also offer neutral, balanced insoles that can improve comfort for people who experience mobility issues on only one side. Athletes and heavier individuals are advised to invest in the heavy-duty insoles to protect against shin splints and other potential future injuries. Wearing them can also ameliorate many of the aches and pains associated with regular athletic activity and training. Your customized insoles can also improve your athletic performance! Bear in mind, your sports shoes don’t come with insoles. The inserts they come with are useful only as sock liners to keep your feet in place. They provide no support, and are certainly not molded to your specific foot. Insoles can compensate where ‘naked’ shoes do not.

Composition of Dr. Lanny’s Insoles

Dr. Lanny’s Insoles are made of a polyurethane foam called Poron®. This microporous substance wicks moisture away from socks and feet, while also providing high-performance shock absorption duties. Poron® outperforms numerous other favored materials, including vinyl sponge, neoprene sponge, sponge rubber, latex foam, and solid viscoelastic. It can fit without issue into the majority of slim or tight-fitting footwear. Its properties confer a superior level of bounce that can cushion joints against the repeated muscle strain of walking, running, and other athletic activities. Of course, in spite of its durability, Poron® is straight-forward to trim to custom sizes.

Dr. Lanny’s Insoles is effective as a non-operative means of unloading the knee joint, developed by Lanny L. Johnson, MD, a world-recognized orthopedic surgeon with over 25 years of clinical practice and who has contributed extensive research to the quest to beat arthritis.