Best Shoe for Arthritic Knee

Do you suffer from knee pain? Arthritis is the most common chronic disease affecting the joints. The Arthritis Foundation has said that 27 million people in the United States suffer from osteoarthritis. According to a study published by the American College of Rheumatology, the lifetime risk of developing arthritis in the knee is around 46 percent. It’s one of the most commonly affected areas of the body. While the temptation of an arthritis sufferer may be to limit their movement as much as possible, this is counterproductive. Physical exercise is beneficial in managing your arthritis. It improves your muscle strength, decreases joint pain and stiffness, and reduces the risk of disability. To best facilitate exercise with arthritic knees, the right choice of footwear is essential. What is the best shoe for arthritic knees? Here are some ideas on the subject.

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Best Walking (and Running) Shoes

The right shoe makes a huge difference to arthritic knee joints. Sufferers should steer clear of shoes that fail to provide shock absorption, cushioning, and the right level of arch support. Where can you find a supportive shoe that fits your foot and also the level of activity you want to perform? Whether your chosen form of exercise is jogging, hiking, golf, or simply leisurely walking, it’s more important than ever to find a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes. Obviously, heels of any kind are off the table. As well as being an impractical choice for a pair of walking shoes, high and low heels alike can contribute to pain in your knees and feet because of the distortion of the foot’s natural shape, and the additional pressure they place on the arch and ball of the foot. People who wear high heels regularly are actually at increased risk of knee arthritis and other degenerative conditions affecting the knee joint. Sandals don’t feature this problem, but many lack sufficient straps to ensure a secure, custom fit.

Athletic Shoes for Knee Osteoarthritis

Boots (with wedged heels) and athletic shoes are often the best options. Hiking boots can prove sturdy and offer strong ankle support. However, choose boots that offer a degree of flexibility. If they are too stiff to allow you to flex your foot, they will impede normal motion, and contribute to further knee problems. The best choice of shoe for general activity is the athletic shoe. Stability sneakers, with cushioned midsoles and heels to provide motion control and correct over- or under- pronation, are superior to neutral sneakers. That said, neutral shoes with shock absorption and cushioning can still provide benefits for those with arthritis. Additionally, neutral shoes are the easiest to customize with inserts or orthotics. Dr. Lanny recommends the Ecco Biom Hybrid, a rubber-spiked golf shoe. The rubber spikes provide an effective cushion, and the sole reduces the peak axial load while walking. They are also easy to augment with Dr. Lanny’s insoles. The standard insole can be replaced with Dr. Lanny’s neutral balance cushion insole for maximal cushioning. Dr. Lanny’s medial arthritis also benefits from the 5-degree medial wedged insoles he inserts. With these shoes he experiences a great deal less everyday discomfort. Not just when playing golf, but walking and performing all the everyday activities of modern life.