Knee Package #1: Both knees affected but still only one compartment in each knee. **If using on one side only then look to comfort insoles to balance the resultant height of the opposite shoe insole.
Both Knees: Regular use
Two 2.5 Degree Wedged Cushioned Insoles
Knee Package #2: Both knees affected but only one compartment in each knee, but I need them for competitive play and or work or due to my body weight. (greater than 200 pounds) **If using on one side only then look to purchasing the comfort insoles to balance the resultant height of the opposite shoe.
Both knees: Heavy Duty; Competitive Sport and Work Insoles
Two 5 Degree Wedged Cushioned Insole forms
Comfort Choice: Just looking for comfort for both feet, ankles, knee, hips, spine. Also used for the unaffected side in conjunction with a wedged insole on the opposite side so as to balance the elevation of the insoles. May also be used as quality replacement for existing shoe’s insole and/or placed over the wedged insole.
Comfort Insoles
Two comfort Insoles
Intended for every day comfort. Made from Poron®.

100% Money Back Guarantee: In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the insoles unaltered in the original package for a full refund. details.

Insole selection: There are three types of insoles; there are two in a package with instructions for fitting. The two to a package is to accommodate those with both knees involved. Those with one side involvement has the second insole for another pair of shoes.

Wedged: There are two styles of wedged insoles; one with 2.5 degree slope and one with 5.0 degree slope.

Comfort: The comfort insole has no wedge. It is intended for one of two purposes. For those with one side involvement may use them in the opposite shoe to balance leg lengths. Otherwise, one’s walking would be altered with one leg seemingly longer than the other. Some customers will remove the existing insole and replace it with this quality insole over the wedged insert.

It is recommended that you start with the 2.5 degree wedged insole and then, after you are accustomed and your knee makes the accommodation, you may advance to the 5 degree wedged insole. The 5 degree wedged insole is thicker on the high side. After one has become used to the wedged insole, they may advance to the greater sloped insole for more vigorous activities as with work or sport.

Sizing: The insoles come in a universal 14″ by 4.5″ form. This allows each person to cut and shape the insole to fit their shoe size and accommodated any personal anatomical or pathological attribute of their foot while considering the geometry of their various shoes.

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Do these work? Yes, they reduce the peak loads in normal walking as well as the golf swing. There is abundance scientific evidence that peak load reduction occurs with their use, Read More.

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